Bộ điều chế Winersat WSM 360i

Winersat WSM 360i


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Bộ điều chế Winersat WSM 360i

2,500,000 đ

2,500,000 đ

Bộ điều chế Winersat WSM 360i

Bộ điều chế Winersat WSM 360i là dòng sản phẩm mới được hãng Winersat sản xuất để thay thế cho dòng sản phẩm WSM 360 SL.

Bộ điều chế Winersat WSM 360i: Dùng để chuyển đổi tín hiệu Video/Audio sang tín hiệu RF.


  • CPU Control, Easy to Operate.
  • With SAW filter for accurate side band response and high adjacent rejection.
  • Adjacent channel capability
  • Output Frequency:47 ~ 860 MHz
  • Output Level:120 dBuV Typical
  • Low out-of band noise for multiple modulator installation.
  • High VSB attenuation.
  • PLL Synthesized Channel Control.
  • Meets F.C.C. Offset and Accuracy Requirement.
  • Field defeatable Audio pre-emphasis for BTSC Stereo/mono baseband inputs.
  • -20 dB test port
Output Frequency Range :47~860 MHz
RF Gain Output Level      :60dBmV Typical
RF Output       :15dB Continuously
Level Range     Adjustable
Aural / Visual          :-9~-30dB Continuously
Carrier Ration       Adjustable Frequency
Accuracy/Stability          :  ± 5K
Output Impedance         : 75Ω
Spurious Harmonics        : 60dB Typical
C/N Ratio In Channel        : 60dB Typical
Input Level  :1Vp-p(Load)
Video Modulation          :0~90% continuously adjustable
Video Frequency        :±2dB
Audio Input Level                    :1Vp-p for ±30KHz peak Deviation
Input Impedance     :High Impedance
Audio Intercarrier     :NTSC:4.5MHz±5k above video carrier
Stability          PAL-B:5.5MHz±5k above video carrier
   PAL-D:6.5MHz±5k above video carrier  
   PAL-I:6.0MHz±5k above video carrier  
Audio Frequency         :±1dB
Power Requirement 90~260V AC  50/60Hz  
Temperature Range         :0~50℃
Connectors               :F-Type
Dimensions         :19”(L)x2-3/4”(W)x1-3/4”(H)
Weight                    :1.6Kgs
Packing          :1Set/Inner Box,
12Sets / carton / 19.5Kgs  


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